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Around 15,000 Americans suffer from water damage to their business or home everyday. Water damage can be recognized as the forced entry of water into a home or business. According to the IICRC S500 Standards and Reference Guide for Water Damages, there are three classifications of water damage:

  • Category 1 Water: Also known as “Clean Water”, this type is uncontaminated and poses no threat to humans or animals. An example of this would be burst water lines or bath tubs and sinks overflowing.
  • Category 2 Water: Also known as “Grey Water”, this type can contain some contaminants that can be harmful to humans and animals. These types of contaminants severity poses illness or discomfort if consumed, and can stem from toilet water with urine present, or sump pump failure.
  • Category 3 Water: Also known as “Black Water”, this type can have many harmful contaminants present within the source of water intrusion. Sources can stem from unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria and fungi, and is usually the result of sewage based spills.

It is important to note that if left untreated, these categories can upgrade to a higher category. For example, Category 2 left untreated can be upgraded to Category 3 within a 72 hour time frame.

Orion Construction – Restoration Process

There are four main steps in the water damage restoration process: Extraction, Drying, Repair, and Restoration. Our sister companies Servpro of West Akron, Northwest Stark County, South & East Stark County offer services in the first two steps of the process, Extraction and Drying. Here at Orion Construction, we offer specialized services for the last two steps in the process, Repair and Restoration. In the repair process, carpet will need to be inspected or replaced due to damage and contamination from the water. Also attributed to the repair process and an element that is quite essential, is the inspection of the electrical system by one of our professionals before further use. The restoration process deals with bringing the damaged home or business back to its original integrity (before the damage occurred). This may include replacing dry wall, flooring, ceiling, and reconstruction elements to various rooms of the structure. All of these services are offered by our professional team.

Before and After pictures of a second floor bathroom pipe leak that permeated through the bathroom floors and damaged the kitchen ceiling, cabinets and flooring.





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