Storm Damage

When the weather gets rough, Orion Construction can be the solution to all types of damage from severe weather. Within the managerial structure of our company, we have many years of experience within the storm damage realm, including a licensed FEMA Disaster Adjuster (experienced in all perils). There are many different varieties of damage that can be incurred to property including: flooding, wind, and hail among others. These types of damages can be psychologically straining, and that element contributes to why we work with you every step of the way to completely restore your damaged properties. For the cleanup process, our sister company Servpro of West Akron, Northwest Stark County, South & East Stark County can be the solution to all the initial damages and destruction caused by severe weather.


Hail Storms

Hail storms are not uncommon in the Northeast Ohio area, and are surely to hit during peak storm season. Many people have witnessed the damage hail can cause to homes, businesses, and other types of property. We have an excellent in-house roster that allows us to efficiently solve damages caused by hailstorms.



Thunderstorms can produce dangerous weather events like hail, rain, high winds, and possibly the chance of a tornado being produced. Thunderstorms commonly produce roof damage, window damage, siding damage, and exterior appliance damage. When these types of events occur, be sure to contact us quickly so we can begin to start the processes to solving all damage issues. 


Ice Storms

Ice storms produce freezing rain that layers everything in its path with a glaze of ice. However, there are variances in the accumulation of the ice, where a quarter inch or more is classified as an “ice storm”. This type of accumulation can abruptly cause damage to trees (causing them to fall), power outages, and other various damages.


Heavy Snow / Blizzards

Living in the Ohio region, it is common knowledge that winters can become quite unpredictable, with storms being mild to very severe. Blizzards and heavy snow are severe winter storms that combine torrential snowfall with fierce winds and freezing temperatures. This combination can be detrimental to the structure of homes and businesses, and issues that have to be dealt with swiftly. Heavy snow can produce very dangerous conditions, including roof collapse.



Floods are usually a result of heavy rain and water that accumulates from severe weather systems, which causes the water to rise faster than storm drains can maintain. “Flash” floods can be abrupt, violent periods of rainfall that can flood homes, basements and businesses. These types of floods can cause serious damage to both interiors and exteriors of structures. Flood causes extensive property damage all across the United States every year.