Residential Construction

At Orion Construction, we provide a wide array of Residential Construction Services including:


Structural Damage Reconstruction

Structural damage to property, as seen below, can be resolved with the knowledge and care our professionals provide for each and every project.

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Before                                                                     After

Before                                                                   After

Accidents Happen

Orion understands that any type of damage to your property can be a frustrating experience. The pictures above represent some of the structural damage reconstruction projects our team has resolved. Orion’s experienced team will work to transform the damage inflicted to the structure to its original integrity.


      Demolition and Reconstruction 

Need a tune-up? Our team has the ability to create a full transformation.


 Before                                                                After


roof after (2)roof after (1)

Before                                                                                               After 

Making the Upgrade

There are many possibilities and improvements that can be made to your home.  Improving the value and look of your home can be a rewarding investment. Out with the old, in with the new! As seen above, the transformations are possible.



 Environmental elements can be harsh on the exterior and interior of your home. The solution can be found within the knowledge and experience provided by our professionals. Just see for yourself.


 Before                                                          After

Overcoming the Elements

There are many environmental elements that can cause a weathered home exterior. Severe weather, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and buildup of contamination from pollution can all be responsible of an aged exterior. Preparation and knowledge of how to properly execute an exterior painting set apart a professional finish from an average finish.



Enhance and Improve the look of your home today! Give us a call and we can make your vision come to life.


    Before (1)                                                           Before (2)


        After (1)                                                               After (2)     

Remodeling Your Home

 There are various benefits that can come from remodeling your home. Some of the advantages include: cutting utility costs from energy savings, increasing the value of your home, and improving the layout to make your home more comfortable and accommodating. Even minor improvements to your home can improve the value, and be very beneficial if you have plans of selling the home or refinancing a mortgage. Working with Orion, you can personally collaborate with our expert team to create a personally designed and unique remodel.

203K Loan Rehab

Orion Construction has found a niche as a 203K Rehab General Contractor in North East Ohio in assisting future homeowners with the rehab and remodel of existing homes prior to move in. We are experienced with the 203K Streamline and Full 203K Loans. We work with Owners during their property closing in order to establish a budget of what scope of work can fit within the rehab loans. Our attention to detail and commitment to completion is not often found in our industry. We take great pride in listening to your ideas to customize your home just the way you want while keeping your budget in mind. The popularity of a rehab loan, as part of a mortgage, is growing every day, since many people are trying to buy foreclosed properties that are not move-in ready. We work with local mortgage companies and banks throught out the process. Please call us today and we will be happy to assist you in the 203K construction process. We have references upon request.


Interior and/or exterior paint

Plumbing repairs

Smoke detector installation

Foundation repair

Electrical upgrades

Roof replacement

Termite damage repair

Attic and crawl space ventilation

Installation of flooring

Siding replacement

Kitchen remodel

Bathroom update

Room addition