Fire Restoration Construction


                               Before                                                                  After


                                 Before                                                                After

Orion Construction – Fire Restoration Information

According to FEMA, there is an estimated 7.3 billion dollars of damage from home fires every year. Fire damage to a home can be a physically and mentally draining process. Trying to clean up fire damages on your own isn’t a good idea, primarily because after the damage has occurred there are various hazards that become present. Consulting a professional service, like Orion, is the better option. Our professionals provide many years of experience and knowledge of fire damage, allowing for the most effective cleanup and restoration process.

Using a professional service for cleaning up the aftermath is essential. There are different types of smoke damage that require different strategies toward resolution. Here are some of the types:

  • Wet– this type of smoke spawns from low heat, and is very difficult to clean.
  • Dry– this type of smoke spawns from a high heat burn, usually from a quick burning burning fire.
  • Protein– invisible smoke, yet it discolors material and creates a bad odor.
  • Fuel Oil– usually results from a furnace malfunction.

Our chain of sister companies (Servpro of West Akron, Northwest Stark County, South & East Stark County) can assist with the cleanup process.

Orion Construction – Fire Restoration Construction

After the clean up process is completed, it is time for some of the reconstruction elements to bring your home or business back to its original integrity. This is where Orion comes in. We can provide the reconstruction efforts to bring your home or business back to what it used to be. Whatever reconstruction services are needed, Orion can provide them. If the damage is too extensive, new construction can be utilized by our team. Implementing services like carpet/flooring, dry wall, ceiling, and roofing to replace damages can also be utilized by our expert team. Orion understands the trauma that can occur after such a disaster. We will put all of our efforts and expertise to bring your home back to you. Give one of our representatives a call right away. We will start the process of bringing your home back.